The Butterfly

Today is the first day in the Season of Lent. Below is a poem of the Butterfly. It is about new beginnings, transformations, and faith.


I love butterflies, to me, they are more than just a pretty insect. To me, they are spiritual insects here to remind us that we need to go through a spiritual process to heal. Here is my analogy:

You hatch from an egg and you are a caterpillar not sure what to do so you start eating away at leaves. You are alone there is no one to help you. You’re not sure why but eventually you climb on a branch or a limb and make circles, your world gets darker, you want to scream for help but no one to scream to. As you make this cocoon you start to feel at peace it is strange, and you fall asleep it is very peaceful and deep. God is transforming you.

You wake and know you feel different and you want out of this darkness. So you start to climb out of the cocoon, you feel wet and weak. God is helping you. With all your strength you climb on the branch or limb and just sit there. God is talking to you bonding with you

You do not know you have wings, but you do, and they are drying. Soon you feel the urge to jump. You have to trust God to be there to catch you.

Then you discover you have wings, but you cannot see them. You are trusting, yet you’re not sure where you are going or what to eat. You let God guide you.

When people see you, they are awed. You do not deserve to be awed in your mind but only others and God can see the beauty that is behind you. But you hear and soon you believe in yourself then and only then do you see the colors that let you fly.

That is a butterfly.

Written By Kataria Hintz-Ellis